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A Band to Honor is a documentary that uses a combination of archival footage, photos and personal interviews to tell the story of the twenty-one young naval musicians who were among the 1177 members of the USS Arizona who lost their lives when the Empire of Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.


After a brief review of the “global” facts surrounding the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor this documentary explores the history of the only band in military history where every member was lost in combat. A Band to Honor details the history of Navy Band Unit #22(the USS Arizona Band).


The arc of the story takes us from its member’s acceptance into the United States Navy School of Music in January of 1941 until that fateful day less than a year later when the entire band would all lose their lives.


In between, our story reveals the rigorous training demands of our aspiring naval musician and investigates their life aboard ship, their training and the musical pleasures they provided to their fellow shipmates.


By July of 1941, while the politics of the world seem to be putting the United States on the road to war the band arrives in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and the USS Arizona band members fall into the routine of being navy musicians. We examine life for the boys of the band on the island and of their participation in the Fleet Recreation musical program - The Battle of Music – A contest between 18 military bands stationed at Pearl Harbor in the Fall of 1941.


December 7, 1941, arrives and the final few hours of the band is detailed. Once the history of the USS Arizona Band is complete, the projects focus shifts to the efforts that have been made to memorialize the events of that tragic day. Our Documentary explores the details surrounding the birth of the USS Arizona Memorial, and we honor and recognize several other organizations and people who have worked extremely hard to remember, honor and understand the sacrifices made by the men and women from America’s Greatest Generation who unselfishly served our country to ensure our countries freedom.

Navy Band Unit 22

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